I just got my firt DVD+R... and something is really strange


i got this DVD+R CD’s:


Taiwan made… any way, when i open the Spindle, i see the top of the CD’s is 100% white and there is alittle logo of verbatim…

But the thing that was the most strange, is that, the top was really gruff… to a normal cd that normal cd is really smooth…
and even when i put it against stong light i coudnt see the light… (like normal cd)

Is this ok or somting? and is it ok to my to write on it? (with a special pen of course)

They’re probably inkjet printables, with a compatible printer of course.

Using a CD/DVD marker should be fine. Well I hope so as I’ve written on mine.

Check the Media ID with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , under the disc info tab it should show MCC 004 I believe, which are pretty good.

Unlike a normal CD which generally are only one layer and so the dye is under the label, DVDs, which is what you have by the way, have the dye sandwhiched between two layers of plastic (or whatever the clear stuff is called) and the printable surface is ontop of this. This makes the discs thicker and so I would assume make it much harder for light to pass through.

As Tim has said they are printable, most probably matt, discs. Also writing on them is fine.

here is a pic of the Cake box and top a 1 cd:

So you say this is CD is normal DVD+R, and i can burn on it data normally like a non-printable CD?

BTW what is this Advaced AZO+ ???
And is this RW CD???

Stop using the term CD as this will only confuse. These are DVD and the meaning is quite different.

That’s a suggestion not an order if it seemed like that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You treat these printable DVDs as you would any other DVD, it’s just that with the right type of printer you can print of the top surface rather than hand write.

Not sure just what you mean by this “And is this RW CD???”. But I’ll try and answer. The RW logo on DVDs does not mean that they are ReWritable & confuses loads of people.

Rewritables are available but are designated DVD-RW or DVD+RW & these you have are not this type & can only be written once.

When burning DVDs is generally best to burn at the rated speed (16x in this case) or maybe just one step down (12x for these). The quality of the burn is not improved by much slower writing. Hopefully your burner & system are capable of 16x burning.

For a definition of Advanced AZO+ ,read it on the Verbatim website as its a branding that is specific to Verbatim (I believe).