I just got a new LCD Monitor, SyncMaster 710T



I got it this evening, a Samsung SyncMaster 710T, 17", 1280x1024…

it very nice, big screen, more area of things to see at once, much less space on the desk, less power and heat, it’s great. this model also have the pivot function, which seems great for word documents or web pages…
and i’ve been luck (or not??), to have only 2 bad pixels, one that seems to be always red but it’s position is great: at the border of the caption bar on fullscreen windows, quite not visible, the other an always blue one in the bottom right, also not annoying.

i said i’ve been lucky because i hear many stories about dead pixels at the center of the screen, some are with not even 1 dead pixel, but with LCD you can’t expect more…

still having problems with the color difference, now i have the brightness set to 4%, and still feal it’s too bright (samsung says it’s a 300cd/m2, 600:1).
also the colors doesn’t seem correct, or i only feel them like this?

is the switch from CRT to LCD always like this: need time to get used to it?


When I got my LCD monitor I did not notice any colour difference to my previous CRT monitor. Have you tried to change tje Brightness level through your graphics card options instead of the monitor options?


My 2001fp was much brighter than either of my CRT’s, but not as to be a problem. The colors were just brighter and crisper. I expected some difference going from an analog monitor to a digital monitor.


I just bought a SAMSUNG 913N 19" TFT and it is also very bright but as i was used to an old CRT then i would expect that…
In a few days you will get used to it…


My L90D+ is bright too, it’s @ 20%, and the contrast is @ 75%. It looks very good like that, try the brightness low, and the contrast kinda high, (too high and it will be too bright). So try it, and see what happens. I dunno what your settings are like on that, but I know this thing is a LOT brighter than my old CRT, and gets a better picture with better black and better color. I like it a lot too, it’s even fast enough to please me in turms of ghosting (8ms)!!! :iagree:



For people who considering getting new LCD monitors/TVs in the coming months, I’d like to say LCD/PDP price revolutions (for the big sized ones) are just around the corner. Each of the big LCD (panel) players has invested billions of USDs each year in the recent years and the outcomes are coming to retail markets. lcd119.co.kr is right now selling a 23-inch LCD monitor for about US$400 based on LG-Philips panel and Pixelworks board and pivot and DVD are options for additional US$50 and since it’s in South Korea where retail prices for these things are relatively high, I can expect some of the cheaper 23-24 incd LCD units to cost around US$100 sometime near. I paid almost US$800 (excluding tax) for this LG 2320T. Only one cable from the monitor itself which also has a built-in TV tuner so it looks simple on the wall, but the trend is to make big-size LCD TVs/monitors at the mass market cost (which should be under US$200 per unit.)