I just dont know

I was wondering which DUAL layered DVD burner I should get I know that this changes all the time this is why I ask… i was going to get a plex 716a but they didnt seem to get good reviews

I’d wait for the Benq 1640 to be available: :wink:

I’ve 2 716s and no probs there.
I think it depends only on the drive you get. Some people had luck, and others
not. I could recommend this drive, cause if you get a good one and use quality media
you’ll be happy with it. Also you can get a bad drive, from another brand too.
Looking at the price you could get 2 benqs, but at least it’s your choice and decision!

i need a new dual dvd burner my is HORRIBLEY slow and is only good for protected shiznit… i just want one that will spit movies out quick
I liked the plex cause it burned every format…
if u can find one w/ good quality that can burn all formats let me know the plex is high price :frowning: 120$… not likeing that to much … but i need a new one