I just can't read CD that I burned ! with a Litr-on LTR 40125s

Hi !

With PIO Mode I burned a 74 minutes CDR in 4-5 minutes, but I tried to make my Liteon run in DMA mode, and it burned faster : 3 minutes ! but since I put DMA Mode, my CD Writer is not able to read CD correctly…I have errors like “the access to the peripheral, the access path, or the specified file is refused” or I can’t read divx I’ve just burned etc…

sorry for the bad translation…

BUT with my DVD Rom i can read those CD…

Any Idea ? what should I do ?
I have an ABIT KT7A + Duron 1.3 Ghz
Windows 2000


Nobody has this problem ?

What other devices are sharing the same IDE channel/ribbon as the writer ?

IDE 1 Master : Western Digital WD40 on UDMA 100 ribbon
IDE 2 Master : Pioneer DVD ROM 103S (6X) UDMA 33
IDE 2 slave : Liteon 401248 UMDA 33

I changed to :

IDE 1 Master : Western Digital WD400 on UDMA 100 ribbon
IDE 2 Master : Liteon 401248 UMDA 33
IDE 2 slave : Pioneer DVD ROM 103S (6X) UDMA 33

But I have the same problem…kinda strange, no ?

Since this problem started after DMA was supposedly enabled, I would suspect that DMA is improperly implemented.

Download and install the latest VIA 4in1 Drivers v4.43 and see if this clears up your problem.

THX a lot, but I’ve installed the VIA 4in1, and I have still the same problem…I think I will change my DMA ribbon

If you get a new cable get a 80 conductor cable instead of the old type (make sure the cable has the same pin configuration, though! Some have a pin missing in the center and are not compatible with older motherboards!), they are less prone to noise, give better results. At least that was my experience

Ok, THX all ! it works ! I just changed my old ribbon o a new one, a DMA 66/100, and it’s ok.