I just can't back up my Warcraft III!

I have a Lite-on 48125W and I just can’t get a working copy of Warcraft III.

I tried profiles provided on this board but it doesn’t work. Clony ( cannot detect the SecuRom on this CD or my hard drive. I tried creating an image using my 10x Pionner DVD-114F but I cannot burn a good copy with that image also.

The image works fine with D-tools but not CDs created with that image. I did load the game fine ONCE with a back up but I don’t know how I did it…it was weird. I popped the CD in and it kept asking me to insert a Warcraft CD, I clicked RETRY a thousand times and it didn’t work so I ejected the CD and voila, Warcraft III was loading(this is when no CD was in any of the optical drives and no images in D-tools). However that only happened once and I couldn’t replicate that scenario again.

Would a Plextor be better at copying this? Before I got the Lite-on I had a Plexy 40x12x40 but many people were saying Lite-on is better so I returned the Plexy and got a Lite-on. -_-

There is a special “lite-on securerom new” profile which might help you.

Otherwise, use another drive to read the disc, (liteon cdwriters are not the best subs readers) and write the copy at a slow speed to ensure accuracy.

The problem with SecuRom new and the LiteOn recorders is in the reading, not the writing. If you can get an additional drive to read the disc with (a Plextor for instance) you can burn the created image at full speed with the LiteOn. As Gorskar pointed our the special Profile might be of help (this has ‘regenerate data sectors’ enabled) but you’ll have to try. Use a low read speed. As said, writing can be done at full speed. Also read though these search results for more information.