I just bought my very first Plextor drive (755UF & 760A)

Actually I just bought two brand new Plextor drives.

And yes it is —> The very first time I will ever own any Plextor drive.

Bought was a brand new factory sealed retail box Plextor PX-755UF 16x External Firewire/USB2 DVD drive.

Also bought was a brand new factory sealed retail box Plextor PX-760A 18x internal DVD drive.

Drives should arrive next week. (I got tired of waiting for X48. Gotta fix this buy some hardware bug)

Did I make a good choice?

Just bought a 755 new in box and put in external case for a whole lot less than you paid!

Why a 755 and not a 760?

Two Plextors will cost more than one Plextor.

yeah but what you paid for your two you could be into a blu ray my 755 I have 146 into not 260+:eek:
already have
3xbenq 1640
2xplex 716uf
1xliteon 20AIP
1xxbox360 HDDVD rom
1xGSA 4166B

good luck trying to beat this buy new hardware thing I think it’s just part of being a Freak and once it’s got you it’s got you!!

I need 760SA and 760UF to complete my collection.

Get the real Plextors while you can… anyway you can!

You made a very good choice. :clap:

[QUOTE=alex thyl;2012017]You made a very good choice. :clap:[/QUOTE]


What’s the best version of Plextools to have installed?

Is the latest BIOS the best one? Or is there another earlier BIOS I should use?

??? :cool: ???

Use the latest firmware. Also usually the latest Plextools version is the best choice unless you are using some exotic motherboard chipset an OS.

Should I spring for the paid version of Plextools or will the version that came with the drives be sufficient?

??? :cool: ???

PlexTools Professional that comes with the drives should do the job. The XL version offers a few new features, but I don’t think it’s available anymore anyway.

That is more than enough: http://www.plextools.com/downloadfiles/PTPLE313.exe.