I just bought an OEM 3540A and need help



Well I had no idea what is the difference btw stock ones and oems so i got fooled into buying the oem.
I can still return and buy the box one should I ? well i have to pay for shipping though.
Also i can not find the softwares to get this thing to work.
the computer recognizes it but unfortunately It doesnt do a good job of reading dvds yet where can i find the software for it?
Nec’s website doesnt have the software!!!


There is no software with the oem versions nor tech support from nec. Any burning software should work with it, as long as it is the newest version and recognized by it. I use nero/dvd shrink/dvd dec with it fine.


then how come a dvd i burnt doesnt play back and both windows media player, and intecom player freeze. my g5 plays it back ok


for displaying DVD content you should use a DVD player like powerDVD or windvd

WMP can’t play dvd’s out of the box, you’ll need a ‘patch’ for that