I just bought 32125W and my CPU load is too high, or is it not?

I had Plextor 12X before now using 32125W my CPU load seems too high (or is it normal?)

For example, if I open any application like Photoshop, Fireworks during burning, the buffer will drop quite soon and everything is opening quite slow.

I checked but there is UDMA not PIA in control panel system preferences.

Is the difference between 12 and 32X so high? How are you burning guys? Leave the computer for that time without touching it?

I have “upgraded” to 48X a little while ago, but the matter is the same or worse. Now before the disk is closed even mouse is frozen for about 30 seconds :frowning: But the CD was recorded 100% using 40X speed…

Could be the Via 4 in 1 drivers or something else? Or is it normal for such high burning speeds?



Some programs also uses more or less CPU power. Nero loves to use much CPU power for an example.

It’s ok on my AMG 1,4GHz but when using nero I’m often around 90% CPU usage(When writing at 48X) so I can’t use very many other programs while burning without the Smart-BURN kicking in. Usually stick to using winamp and Internet explorer while burning.

Ah, thank you for the info. So I guess this is kind of normal…

Didn’t happen when burning at 12X speed…

The only program that seem to support Liteon 48X I now have :-))) is Nero…



CD-Mate also works nice :wink:

Is it less power hungry?

To my experience: definitively.

It misses some of Nero’s functions but it have the most used functions…

I use it more than Nero now :wink: