I Just Blew My Leg Off With Fireworks!

Nah, just kidding :bigsmile: Got your attention though, didn’t I?

Anyway, seeing if anyone else had fun playing with their own fireworks. In Colorado, US, any fireworks that shoot in the air and/or explode are illegal, but I had a nice stash that I got out of state :slight_smile:

Yes, the fun of playing with lllegal fireworks is ok.

Yes, the fun of playing with lllegal fireworks is ok.

when did it become “ok”?? LOLz…

When I posted it.

When I posted it.

smartass! :bigsmile:

Nope, euh I mean … gently pops out of this thread

after i read the forum name i was gonna come in here and post this “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

No accidents this year. 2 Years ago I set off a firecracker in my hand and my friend almost caught a field on fire, but other than that, accident free!

cool bro…but what bout next year? you been goin too long accident free you need som kind of accident to keep life interesting hehehe

Next year I’m planning to buy about $1000 worth of fireworks and go crazy with some friends. :bigsmile:

btw…reminds me one of my friends made a field catch fire after playin with his fireworks…and…lolz…he got taken off into one of those poilice van’s…his only like a couple yr good behaviour bond…haven’t spoken to him while since we finished high school…he went to join the army…

What kind of strange law is that? So you dont get any fireworks at all? Since all fireworks inherently explodes and the pretty ones do it in the air.

Here they recently forbid “fireworks which are made for no other purpouse than to go boom” (its not often lawmakers are so clear on things :p)
That means firecrackers. Regular fireworks are still ok.

Well they grant us fountains and sparklers pretty much. They just burn and sparkle, but they’re not technically fireworks at all. Where I used to live you could get anything you wanted, as long as it was outside the city limits it was legal.

That’s pretty much how it is here.

I was in Boulder, CO on the 4th of July about 14 years ago and watched a spectacular fireworks display. I guess they had a permit for them as it was a professional show. :iagree:

Airhead, you might like this anecdote. :wink:

A friend of mine in Michigan was once dismayed about a Black Cat firecracker that wouldn’t light. No matter what he used on the wick, it wouldn’t light. So, he got the ‘smart’ idea of removing the wick and dipping it in gasoline. He then lit it and tried to get away. He didn’t suffer injury, but you can imagine what happened, especially with a Black Cat. :disagree: He did have a ringing in both ears for a few hours, though. :doh:

sparklers can be quite enough if you make a sparkler b*m b out of them:

grab 6
5 facing up then stick one in the other way but sticking out so you can still light part of it (the more you have sticking out the farther away you can get so don’t shove it way down in there)

wrap with electrical tape.

light the odd one out and RUN

Blowing up plastic soldiers and tanks in the sandbox was great! :slight_smile:

I’m still doing that, euh I mean I did that also when I was young. :stuck_out_tongue: