I just back Flashed from Firmware 5S54

First go to this Address and Download Dos Version of 5S07…


I just back Flashed from Firmware 5S54…
To Firmware 5s07. On my LTR -24102B…it was easy.
Here is how I did it…
I put the above Dos file from the address above on a Clean Dos formatted Floppy.
Then rebooted from Windows 98 to Dos (From the Start… Shutdown Options…Restart in MS Dos mode) When in dos type cd
Type A:
Then type CS5S07 exe
Press Enter
It will tell you some crap just type Y
It will then check where the Drive is, on mine it first asked if it was IDE Slave CD rom U41M {I typed N for No}
Then Asked if it was
IDE Master R245s54 {I typed y for yes}
Let it Finish there are 4 Steps {Lines} that it flashes.
Then it asked you to reboot Computer.
It is now back flashed to ORIGINAL.
And it works



Hi Folks,
please be carefull using these DOS based flash tools. The tool will not look for the correct model or vendor, it will flash everything you agree to by typing “Y” (for yes). If you flash a wrong drive by mistake it is dead.

Furthermore don’t use any files downloaded from unknowen locations. Use the files from the LiteOn IT website (www.liteonit) or files sent by the LiteOn support crew only. Warranty will void if you use files from unknowen locations.

Enjoy your LieOn drive!!!