I juss got nec2500 and its giving me problems

i just bought nec2500a. i had liteon 52x burner…everytime i hooked both of them, my liteon n nec burner does not work with the program NERO but it works with other softwares. i changed making nec to prim. n chaging liteon to primary and did EVERYTHING…itz not da connection that is the problem…do u guys know wut is wronG! itz pissing me off really bad

Did your copy of Nero come bundled with the LiteOn 52x burner?
If so it says right on the disc “This software will only work with the drive that it was bundled with”.
You could find a full access serial online and change the serial number to allow Nero access for all drives… but that would be unethical :stuck_out_tongue:

As wesociety says, the chances are that your copy of Nero is an OEM one that’s restricted to work only with a limited number of drives.

I’d be very careful of using serial numbers ‘found’ on the Internet - someone has mentioned that many of those that are ‘in the wild’ have been disabled in the latest releases. They are also illegal. If this is your problem, you can upgrade to the full version of Nero 6 (gaining various features that aren’t in the OEM version) using your OEM serial number to give you the cheaper ‘upgrade’ price.

On the other hand, the problem may be that you haven’t got a late enough build of Nero installed. If you’re using Nero 5.5, you need at least for the ND-2500A drive to be recognised. I don’t know what the minimum version of Nero 6 that will work is, but I’d suggest using the latest if you have Nero 6 anyway.