I hope this IS an omen of things to come

Well, I think it is only fair to show I am willing to give credit where it might be due. After my post yesterday bringing attention to the largest drop in history for the DJIA on Inauguration Day, I feel I need to mention that today much of that loss was regained. I don’t know if this is a record gain for the day after the inauguration but lets not diminish the good news. So here I am, officially saying, that I hope the rally today is the real omen we can all look forward to seeing materialize this year.


Much like yesterday, today’s omen really isn’t an omen of things to come! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re in for a bumpy ride for a few months, if not the rest of the year. I just hope Obama is taking a realistic look at getting the economy straightened out in the future.

I would expect an optimistic blush to suffuse pretty much everything because the people really want to put the troubles of the last few years behind them.
As someone said…almost anyone could have stood against the Republicans and won this round…even if it turns out to be a case of “the emperors new clothes”.

I too would like to see America clean up and return to the respected role it once had. Time will tell.