I hope Cross-flash BenQ 5232X to PX-230A

I want PX-230A,but sold out.

But,I can buy BenQ 5232X,in Japan.

Please tell me, How Cross-Flashing,BenQ 5232X to PX-230A.

Hi [B]Copengreen[/B], welcome to CD Freaks!

I’m afraid that crossflashing will not help you (if it’s possible at all), as the 230A is not a “real” Plextor design (no Sanyo chipset) and therefore Plextor functions such as GigaRec, VariRec and C1/C2 scans are not available.
Usually OEM firmwares have the same write strategies and no additional functions. :frowning:

Get a Plextor Premium if you want the Plextor extras, or stick to the BenQ if you need a cheap drive.

I allady have Plextor PX-760A and Plexwritter Premium2.

But I need "High Quality DAE"drive.

PX-230A’s DAE quality is higher than Premium2.

I need “PX-230A”.

Please tell me,Crossflashing BenQ 5232X to PX-230A.

I can’t help you Crossflashing BenQ 5232X to PX-230A ( I don’t know )
but if you live in USA you can find here PX 230A below link