I heard

I heard that when making a CD out of MP3s, you can somehow turn the songs into “bytes” and fit in more into a CD. Is this possible? If yes, how?

If this is true, I would believe that you would some how be degrading the quality of the MP3/audio file.

The way I see it…You have to give to get!

Buck Wilde

Maybe you heard this:

when burning data on for example a 74min cd, you can put about 650MB on the cd. However, when burning audio, while the wav files can take 600-700MB on your HD, it will still fit on the cd. This is because of somekind of compression. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but that could have been what you have heard.

Of course it is also possible to create a MP3 cd, which can contain up to 12 hours of music. But then the cd would only be playable in CDROM’s DVD players and MP3 cd players.

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Ok, do you know how to do that? ;). I heard something about creating an illegal table of contents, but only for games where they pack up to 3GBs of stuff onto a CD, is this done to come up with the “2 hours” of music? Thanks.

Don’t think that a Ill TOC will B succesfull on a audio cd cause full=full! :wink:
And 2nd, the TOC is essential to an audio cd cause otherwise the audioplayer won’t see the # off songs on the cd!!!

MayB the Leadin/out is shorter on a audio cd, which makes more place for audio to burn! (don’t know that for sure)