I havent find benq

dear friends,i dont know any online shop to buy dvd-rw
i decided to buy benq 1620 or 1640
do you know any reliable online shop?

in what country your at? cant recommend a shop without knowin

i live in turkey and there is no benq shop in our country :frowning:

its hopless :eek: youll have to settle for whatever else available in your area
or move to another country :smiley: :bigsmile:

I guess I could sell you my BenQ 1620, dunno how much it would cost to ship it to Turkey though (I am in the UK). How much are you willing to pay for it? If you are interested PM/email me, as the CDFreaks forum isn’t a marketplace. If not all I can suggest is eBay, if you search around enough there you may be able to find a seller that ships worldwide.

Ben :slight_smile:

in that case,i couldnt buy benq but which dvd writer should i buy?
what about nec 3540a?it is avaliable for me
thanks for your offer :slight_smile:

Get the nec 3540 then.
It’s very good alternative for benq. :slight_smile:

I would agree with that. The nec is a good drive. If thats avalable, get it.

I find my NEC 3500 to be just as good as my BenQ 1620. So if you can get one of the NEC drives I would not bother with the BenQ.

thanks dude you are really kind :slight_smile:
i guess i am going to buy nec 3540a :slight_smile:

Good luck. Less us know how you get on with it, or if you need any help getting it working to its full potential.