I have Unread 65535, Total 4

I don’t know what happen to my inbox
when i go to inbox, it is only four msg

but on the top right corner
it stated Welcome, guitarz.
You last visited: 21 Minutes Ago at 22:32
Private Messages: Unread 65535, Total 4

Happened to me. PM Liggy & he’ll correct it for you.

Just checked the database entry and it seems to be OK again.

Welcome, guitarz.
You last visited: 1 Hour Ago at 19:02
Private Messages: Unread 65534, Total 6.

You’re clearly just popular! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed the value and tried to implement a fix for this bug. I cannot guarantee it will work though.

it is fine now (hopefully)
i check all my read(readed) email
and select mark as read again :slight_smile:

to Liggy

I just lost all of my private messages except for 4 very old ones.


Better to PM Liggy direct rather than post here.

I can see that you currently have 6 PMs, 4 of them being rather old and 2 appear to be newer. I cannot find anything that appears inconsistent though.