I have two real dvd's and want to put them on one disc, menus intact


I have a problem, but cant seem to find the right solution… so i need your help folks.

i have 2 dvd’s that are bought, with menu’s, picture gallery, and everything in it. They are not that large, and so two of these complete DVD’s should fit on a single disc. I cant find a way of getting them to work with all menus still functioning after i burn them to one disc.

The optimal outcome.
After i make the disc this is what i want it to be like. I pop the disc in my dvd player, and a menu comes up. I want it to be able to select movie #1, or movie #2. If i select movie #1, then it goes to the title menu of that movie, and is treated as if it were the original DVD, with all menus functional, and scene selections. If i chose movie #2, then i want that to pop up as if it were the original movie too.

So that is my situation and I feel it is a very common thing. For any of you tech people who can help me it would be appreciative. I have dvd shrink and a burning software too but neither can allow me to make that op[ening menu choice.

ALL i want is an opening manu thats asks, select to play disc 1, or disc 2.
I got the dvd’s imaged to my drive and the data is just waiting to be burned, but that dastardly main menu eludes me.
Help me Obi Wan kenobi, your my only hope

The one and only DvdReMake Pro coming to your rescue.


To get back to the top menu choice choosing which disc to play, press the Title button (the name may vary but it’s there) on your remote.

ya, but i do not like paying 23$, what about option 2???

You can get a special free license of DvdReMake using Trialpay: http://www.dimadsoft.com/dvdremake_free.php

If you don’t want it, then stick with freewares and it won’t be 1-click solution. PgcEdit will do what you want exactly like DvdReMake’s method but you have to do everything manually and it won’t be easy for beginners.