I have tried everything HELP

OK heres the deal, a friend of mine knows NOTHING about computers / copying, so he asked some idiot to back up a few of his dvd’s, the guy did it only problem is the "copys’ he made wont play in some dvd players and as it turns out WONT play in any of my friends.

So he asked me (should have in the first place) to make a backup of this crappy backup (because he NOW lost the origional) and when I use fab it copys fine and burns fine BUT same issue wont play in some players, I tried main movie, customize everything still does it.

Any ideas here? im running dry, I have used fab for quite some time and this is a first for me


Just a suggestion, I have 1 of those fancy combo units (bad mistake) and it will not play anything without a region code. Therefore I leave the region code on all my rips and burns.

Very good suggestion, Donvan.

@ stugots2: please tell your friend, that he burn video-DVDs not at highest rates.
my suggestion: maximum half of possible speed. (In some cases lower as half).
Good luck

I tried that, same result, any other ideas?

Try running it through Imgburn in build mode then burn that ISO with Imgburn.

[QUOTE=stugots2;1916233]I tried that, same result, any other ideas?[/QUOTE] that as in region code or lower burn speed. i know you are trying to copy a copy so the region code is probably already gone. i dont know how do make a once region free disc copy with a region code, but someone might. also have you tried to burn a +r disc as dvd-rom.