I have this itch



in my wallet. I have an NEC 3500 which I’m gonna replace. I’m looking on the 1640 and 1625. I guess I’ll go for the 1640, but I can’t decide if I’ll pick with me the 1625 also. Any rumors about a 1645 with LightScribe? or an faster LightScribe writer?


No plans for newer lightscribe writers yet.

Lightscribe is too expensive to be implemented in mainstream writers.


You need to take care of that itch! It could be serious! LOL


Get the 1640 and scratch your nec


4550 will be out in the states by Oct! Check 4550 thread for the count down.

PS/ My 1640 is great so far! I use my A09XL to read and my 1640 to burn. Great speeds and quality with that arrangement so far with all media in my barn. :clap:


Hi Guys,

This is my first post so forgive me if anything goes wrong! I have been “lurking” here for several weeks collecting information to help me choose an external burner to use with my laptop - you guys sure know a lot!

Anyway, on the subject of this thread, I have seen an HP 740i here in Hong Kong. It is a faster version of the 640i with the following specs from what I could see: DVD+R 16X, DVD-R 16X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, DVD+R DL 8X, DVD-R DL 4X. It has Lightscribe.

The one I saw is an internal version and costs about US$78.

I tried “Googling” it and the only sites were asian; most seemed to be Korean.

I have no idea what burner is inside. The 640i here has the Benq 1625, I believe.

May be worth checking a bit more before scratching that itch, hellsat!


The HP 740i is a LG I think , look here : http://www.pcbee.co.kr/community/ureview_read.jsp?num=4975


Looks like you are right…
Drive light and emergency eject hole are in right (LG) position.

BTW, babelfish is great. :slight_smile:


It definitely was serious, so I took care of it and ordered an 1640 retail. I forgot about the 1625 ligthscribe and wating for the 3551 or the 4551 (don’t think I need the dvd-ram write ability) which have the LabelFlash.
LightScribe ~30 min. writing the label
LabelFlash ~5 min. writing the label.
Last one looks more interesting regarding the label time.


Buy a Sharpie unless you cant read your own writing.


Whats a Sharpie?

If it’s a printer, I already have an Epson R300 which prints directly on printable CDs/DVDs. Gives very nice results, but I’m curious on the solutions where the writer labels the disc. As mentioned, I have this itch in my wallet :wink:


A sharpie is a felt tip permanent marker.



isn’t there posed to be a 1650?


Thanks DQ

hehe, good one @alan1476


I’ve heard the lightscribe writers take 30 minutes to print… that sounds excessive.

1650 is a DVD-ROM…not a writer.


benq1650 writer

got a link to proove otherwise?




i see thanks.

now what’s the next writer from benq called?


I think it’s called “Google has the answers edit