I have the GCE8480b Firmware!

Hey everyone,

I have the GCE8480b firmware… used mktflash to save it off the 48x drive. However, I can’t seem to use the same s/w to flash my 40x drive with the firmware from the 48x drive… says it errored out trying to erase the current firmware? Anyone have any suggestions?


I think that Mtkflash won’t handle that drive.

So it can read the firmware from the drive and copy, but I can’t use it to flash to that drive you think?

Hello wdhendrick one question:

What it’s the size of this firmware?

When You sent me this firmware It had 701 Kb but when I downloaded it It had 512 Kb.

What it’s the real size?

512 kB.

You won’t find any firmware file (in bin format) with 701 kB.

On my desktop, the hex file shows 1.05 mb. However, when attached to an email, it shows up as like 834k… I don’t get it.