I have that 2x burning issue.Tried guide and nothing



Well. Sad to report that I tried the guide since my Burner was burning at 2x all of a sudden, This sucks really bad :a . I followed the guide like it said and restarded…

help would be most greatly appreciated since I need to burn 3 dvds asap and for some reason my PC slows down and boots me off line while ripping/burning and it takes like 2 hours for one :Z

:bow: fix my problem and you shall be worshiped :bow:


If the guide was this one and this didn’t work then I’d try switching the IDE cables around.

It looks like you’ve got an add-in PCI IDE card hence the 2 primary & 2 secondary channels.

If the burners are connected to this then you need to know that not all PCI IDE controllers will support optical devices properly & will often result in PIO mode being all you can get.


Hi Silvergun

You need to reset the DMA, in my signature below use the DMA RESET TOOL link
and try that and see if it works out for you, it is a good tool