I have something to confess

…although I am a CD Freak and have probably burnt thousands of DVDs and CDs over the past 10 years or so that I’ve owned burners, I am still a Dual Layer virgin :o I’ve had the capability to burn DL for over 3 years now, and there have been countless occasions where a DL burn would be appropriate, but instead I’ve always sacrificed quality with extra compression, or spent extra time splitting data to two SL discs. Its not that I don’t want to try DL, quite the opposite in fact, many times I’ve stood in stores holding packages of DL media trying to justify the purchase to myself “well, its only 3 disks, and its on sale now so its not like I’m paying full price” then one of two things always happens, the cheap bastid part of me gazes down the media isle and says “hey dood, look over there, you can get 50 SL disks for only a few dollars more, you can tough out a little extra compression and have 47 extra disks to play with” or I start pondering the consequences of coastering a DL then get scared and leave empty handed.

so am I the only one or are there other DL virgins here at CD Freaks?

one here

same reasons too. :slight_smile:


Yup - one of the few ‘virgins’ I have left-eh!!

<-- almost but not quite a DL virgin for the same reasons as you.

I have burned around 15-20 DVD+R DL discs and no DVD-R DL discs so far. The ones I have burned have been mostly on my HDD/DVD recorders and only a few in my DVD burners.

With my eyes on my television, I can only barely see the quality difference between a heavily compressed Single Layer DVD and an uncompressed Double Layer or original DVD for movies that are around 3 hours or more.

When recording something on my HDD/DVD recorder, heavy compression is easier to see, so anything above approx. 2½ hours needs to go on DVD+R DL.

I’ve only burned three or four - and those were for a drive review, so they don’t count. :bigsmile:

Like Drage, with my standard def TV, I can barely tell the difference.

So I don’t burn them as a rule either :slight_smile:

Hahaha, same here :bigsmile:

Same here, I have 50 MKM003 discs that I got for free when I bought a Plextor 740A at Best Buy about 2 years ago, I havent used more than 1, I really couldn’t tell the difference when I played the disc, my HDTV is only 50" and DVD5 discs play just fine. Now that BD is here, I doubt whether I will ever use them.:wink:

I rarely use them, but I don’t fall into the virgin category. (it only takes once guys! :slight_smile: ) I have used them in the past to make backups of a couple of tv series with multiple episodes and fairly complex menus that would have required too much compression, even using DVDRebuilder.

These days I’m using DL media to make BD-9 backups of Blu Ray.

only reason im NOT a ‘dual-layer virgin’ is cause i got a XBox360… otherwise i would still be one. lol

cause i generally agree dual-layer costs to much and since single-layer do just as good of a job and are ALOT cheaper.

cause there’s stuff (besides XBox360) i got that it would be nice to have DL discs for but the cost always makes me never use em for it.

I only use them for 1:1 backup copies of my DVD9 DVD-Videos, and for personal work that I don’t want to be stingy with. I actually popped my DL cherry just this week and went ahead to buy (and finish within a span of a day) 2x10pk of MKM003 discs.

But yes, I know that cheap bastid feeling of a 50pk of SL on one hand with a 10pk of DL on the other. It’s a no brainer for that bastid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve burned like 3…and coastered 2 of those three. :a

…I have burned around 15-20 DVD+R DL discs and no DVD-R DL discs so far. …[/quote]Same here, i ve burned maybe around 30 +DL with a coaster making rate of about 50% :slight_smile:
I am risky i guess, trying out all cheapo brands instead of Verbatims.

I can understand though why someone would keep away from DLs, and its a shame really, we are in the HD era and still after all these years DL media are expensive and lame in most cases.

I have been re-virginated regarding DL media. I used to use it a lot but now with the advent of DVD players with USB ports that play AVI, Divx, Xvid etc. I can back up movies that way. There is little quality loss and I can fit many movies on a disc or a huge number on a hard drive. I doubt I will ever buy DL media again.

I’m not a virgin to DL media, but it’s been at least 2 years since I bought my last serious Verbatim DLs, and a year or so since trying out some HP DL media. I’ve still one piece of DL media, I believe, and I plan to purchase some more later, though I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use. :slight_smile:

I look forward to trying out Ritek 2.4x +R DL media under the Sony brand as my next trial, and maybe I’ll see what I can find in the 8x range [other than Verbatim] in-store. That tells you how serious I am about using DL, LOL.

I’ve burned about 50x Verbatim DL media & they’ve all been fine, except one that I cancelled before it started writing (or so I thought).

I’ve also burned about 10x Ricoh DL media on 6 different DVD writers, and not one was usable.

I’m not really sure why the slight extra cost is that much of an issue, when sometimes they’re just more appropriate.

I can see a world of difference between a SL & DL DVDrip/encoding.

There was a short period where I experimented a little (for the sake of experimenting I would guess). I can only remember burning one movie on dual layer to “preserve the quality”. It was one of the star wars movies (Cannot even remember which and I don’t know where the disks are). I got in on the plextor best buy deal too (50 disks, I though it was less and yes I know it was a misprint where you had to ask for a comp, you mean I have 50 dl sitting around somewhere, lol), and I also got several small packs when staples closed them out cheap. All are verbatim by the way (I returned any riteks, and let me tell you, that was a fight with compusa for the biggest one, I returned all of them, but did burn half, I finally won on the defective argument). I still have them all. I reserve dl for the most important things, but the most important things have never came along…
I have burned thousands of sl, but my dl just sit there wanting to be touched. I’m not a virgin (once the hym**/cher** is gone, its gone), but those poor old disks are…
I can see all my DL media now, why won’t they touch me, why wont the hold me, I’m so lonely that being used and abused and thrown away would just be the best I ever had… Somebody please burn me… I know I’m ugly, but I just want to be burned once in my life, before I get scrapped. You don’t even have to hold me afterwords, you can just throw me aside… Please burn me:sad::sad::sad::flower:

1 for 1…Verbatim and Imageburn…Only broke my cake, so to speak, because the software I needed to back up was 5.07 GB’s.

I’ve had only 5 verbatim dl’s and that costed me 50 euro’s back then. Never again.

Last week i finally have seen HD-tv for real in my own living room. I connected my xbox 360 to a Samsung HDTV. It looks stunning (and that’s not even full hD). Does it mean i’m gonna go for the extra quality now and skip recompression or go to blu-ray? Hell no! Way too expensive!