I have some videos in my videos, how can i burn em to dvd?



i was having trouble burning some videos from hard disk to dvds. I have nero, last time i downloaded some program that said it could do it from hard disk to dvd as well, but then it turned out it didnt support the format of the videos. the formats are mostly avi and wmv. help please



i couldnt find any guide for wmv anyway i suggest youll use tmpgenc xpress+tmpgenc dvd author or tmpgenc xpress+dvdlab , as for avi heres some guides

with divxtodvd

with dvd santa
edit dvd santa can also do wmv’s

with tmpgenc

for avi’s you can save yourself some time if youll get a dvd player that supports xvid/divx if youll have that you wouldnt need to convert em


You can burn anything to DVD by using Pinnacle Studio 9 plus .