I have some serious troubles with my nec nd-1300a

It’s really strange, i think it’s broken or somwhat else…
It gets stuck with some autoruns of some cd’s (for example the one I got with
the dvd drive -.-’)
It can’t read some cd’s other cd/dvd drives can
It can’t read the dvds in general, neither some bought film nor some dvd I burned(fotos, or archives in general)

then I flashed it and upgraded it to 1.08 firmware

and now I can burn no dvd
It gets stuck when I try to read some of mine
It doesen’t read dvd’s (when I put a dvd in the drive the pc says that there’s
nothing in the dvd)

I’m really going out crazy, dont know what else to do, also if I liked reeeeally much to throw the drive from the window.

thanks in advice for your help:\

Well I don’t know for sure but it sounds like it is going on you :frowning: Um…you can try using it another PC to make sure it’s not a software issue, if it behaves the same in another PC that is usually the RIP sign; unless you fucked up the firmware at one point with a crap hack.