I have some questions guys!

Hi guys,

I am in a very big dilemma,and I have some questions:

I had 2 drives on my PC > a CD-RW and a DVD-RW burner,but my small brother broke my CD-RW yesterday.
Curious little kid > he said he wanted to see what’s inside.
lucky me he didn’t choose my DVD-RW for his experiments.And lucky him he is my brother.

So,my dilemma is:
Should I buy a new CD-RW or a second DVD-RW burner?

The main features I like about the CD-RW burners are:
1.They can read normal CDs faster than any DVD-RW burner
2.They can copy/paste the data from any normal CD to the hard disk faster than any DVD-RW burner
(Are my 2 statements correct?)
but the speed is not such a big deal if I buy a DVD-RW burner

The main reasons I am hesitating between CD-RW and DVD-RW burner are these 2 questions:
1.Which burners make a better quality CDs,CD-RW burners or DVD-RW burners?
2.Can DVD-RW burners handle scratched CDs or even scratched DVDs?
I think most CD-RW burners can handle scratched CDs,of course it depends of how bad the CD is damaged.

Ok guys,
I am waiting for your replies


CD burners are better regarding CD burning. Many DVD burners are very good for CD burning (liteons and plextors for example), but CD burners are better for CD.

Regarding ability to read scratched media, I don’t know, but probably CD burners are again better for CD media.

Moreover, DVD burners are not able to write CD simply with drag&drop, unless you use a packet writing software like InCD. CD burners are able to write directly from HD to CD (at least in windows XP it is possible).

This is not true. Using the built-in CD Recording functionality in Windows XP (what you call drag&drop) works fine on a DVD burner, but it only works with CDs and not with DVDs!

Thanks for the hint. I didn’t knew it.
I thought that was impossible because in the drive properties the function was disabled.

Many thanks :bow: :bow: :bow:

So you guys are saying that in general CD-RW burners make a better quality CDs than most DVD-RW.
I have currently Plextor 716A and it’s working great, but I am not sure about the quality of the CDs it can produce.
Is there a CD-RW burner that can make a better quality CDs than my PX 716A?
Can you suggest some CD-RWs with:

Good quality CD production
Lesser C1 & C2 errors
Good access time
Good transfer rate
It doesn’t have to be very fast burner


have you done any C1/C2 tests on burned discs using your 716? if so, you should post them and get members’ feedback…