I have Registration Keys but Download link has expired



I recently bought a new computer,and I printed out all my AnyDVD license and purchase info,but for some reason it won’t allow me to use my unlocking key—It states Download link has expired! Any help would be appreciated :eek:


You should have kept the KEYS on a floppy, USB stick or CDR, not the link. Your only hope is SlySoft support.


@ pslaeg,

I echo Olli’s comments.

The Registration Key download link provide by SlySoft does not remain an active link for an indefinite period of time.

Perchance as requested SlySoft did you make a back up copy of your Registration Key on a floppy disk and/or CD disk. This following statement is what SlySoft sends to their customer when they receive their Registration Keys. “Please make a safety backup of your license key file on a floppy disk or a CD and keep it in a safe place - we cannot replace your license key, if you have lost it!”

If you failed to back up your Registrations Key you are goning to have to contact SlySoft and request replacement Registration Keys. This process will take some time.

You might be interested in viewing the below Forum Thread concerning lost Registration Keys.


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did you keep the email with the keys in? in there it states that the download link will only work for 7 days.

first thing i did was burn a cd-r with the latest version of setupanydvd.exe, the email and the key on.


bjkg Thank-You for your advice Slysoft was kind enough to send my new codes today which I Promptly backed up----Whew!! one should read their e-mails!@#$%


they also email you the keys, after a purchase, so make sure to keep their emails! oops should have read the sej post, he mentioned this!