I have question hope not stupid one?



this is my first time

and i have question hope not stupid one??

the question is what are the latest vergions of both

clone cd lonyxxl

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Hi, welcome to our forum!

Stupid? No that’s not really stupid, but… a doing a little research never harms…

Anyhow, I entered CloneCD on Google and found version to be the latest version. The last version of ClonyXXL seems to be



thanks alot:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

but could you please give me links for download;)


ClonyXXL can be found here

CloneCD can be found here

I think that the clonyXXL is freeware and the CloneCD is trialware. (you only get so many uses until you must purchase the license)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



thanx alot>…

and believe me

I really start loving this forum:cop: :cop: