I have question about liteon tools

Ok i upgraded firmare of my 812S to a USOJ, my original firmware on my drive that came when i first bought it is USO5, so is this a smart thing to dl, cause i been using it for a wile with USOJ but nothing really is bad, and if i want to go back to the USO5, but i didnt’ back up my firmware, is it a good ideal to use the flashfix tool. anyone try this can help or tell me, thanks. Another quesion what is the best firmware for this drive?

There is no good reason to go all the way back to US05, and US05 is not available in a Windows flasher and it would never be released in a windows flasher that was not intended for an 812S anyways so FlashFix would never help you flash to US05. All that you need to go back to US05 is a binary and LtnFW (read the stickies)

Oh ok thanks, is it smart to leave it at USOJ or would it be a good idea to update it. I been wondering for a long time and read alot on this forum about firmware, but wansn’t able to get a good opinion on what is the best firmware for this drive.