I have Problems with my CDWriter Sony CRX120 because he doesn't write Audio good



You See it in the Top…
Please help me…
Does CloneCD supports this Writer?..


use cdrwin or nero


you can use the appz that came with the writer ,win on cd 3.6 and just audio

i made lots of audio cd’s with my crx120
and not even once a bad one

clone cd works fine,that is version 2.02
cause version 1 refuses to open the sony
after a cd has been made
haven’t tried version2.03 yet


use only nero


maby you should write audio at 2x and for burning your audio you could better use cdrwin or nero availeble at www.cdrsoft.net


I have exactly the same writer and i don’t have a problem with it… maybe it’s not the writing… maybe the reading. Do you first read the audio tracks with another drive?? Or do you maybe read audio at a to high speed?


maybe you should use a good grab program to put your cd to the hdd instead of “on the fly”
even better is sector synchro!! with windac!



your writer has a faulty DAO (digital audio extraction),use another cd-rom for reading audio discs,you cant nothing do about it.