I have problem a Burning

Hi All. Please help me. I have a problem when burning. My computer configuration: Mb ASUS 945 P5LD2, CPU INTEL LGA 775 3 Ghz, DDRII 512x2, VIDEO ATI RADEON 256 Mb, 2 - DVD-RW SONY DRU 830A. OS Windows XP SP2, NERO and other. When burning 2 sheets DVD, Burning 2 hour, if 1 dvd burning 14-15minutes. Please help me what this problem

P.S: I`m sorry for my bad english, i have a little bit an english.

Welcome to CD Freaks.

If you only have 1 HDD and burning from that to the 2 burners OR both burners are on the same IDE cable then it will make very slow progress.

Burning at 12x or 16x should take 8mins or less so I’m surprised that it’s taking about 15mins for 1 DVD.

I have 1 HDD SATA and 2 burners are on the one IDE cable. My MB ASUS P5LD2 SE have not 2 IDE ports. Only my friend have ASUS P5LD2 and have 3 IDE ports. that working 4 DVD burners. I`m not working only 2 burners.

That’ll be the reason then. You can’t effectively burn to 2 burners on the same IDE cable.