I have not been able to burn a Safedisc 2 or Safedisc 2.51 or wateva (feeling stupid)

Im starting to feel really stupid. I have not been able to burn a Safedisc 2 or Safedisc 2.51 or wateva. I’m not exactly sure what type of burner but it was my understanding that with the pproper software u can at least burn a Safedisc 2 game. I’ve failed on many games (HOMM4, NIGHTFIRE, DRAGONRIDERs just to name a few off the top of my head) and none of them wORK. By the way, where’s the safedisc 2.51 setting on Alchohol 120% and what does bYPass efm error do (I have it checked off). Any helped would be great. Thanx :)::confused:

for a safedisc 2.x disc (including 2.51), u would use the safedisc 2 profile. i’m not sure exactly how to explain “bypass efm error” but u can find a lot of info about it by searching.

all of ur previous posts could’ve been combined in a single thread. i suggest u start keeping all these posts in a single thread so that there aren’t 10 threads about the same subject.

I’ve used the Safedisc 2 profile on alchohol but it still doesnt work (nightfire, homam4, elder scrolls 3) so any ideas what might be the prob?

Abilty to copy safedisc 2 is hardware dependent. What type of writer do you have and do you have any other available reading devices?

how do i know what type of burner i have. I’ve had it for a while and i threw out the box. Is there any way to find out?

i figured out that I got and ATAPI CD-RW CW5205. Is that a piece of crap or should it work. Ift there is a prob, can u tell me a cheap burner that would work. Also my frienmd was telling me something about like DNA would help my pc or somtin like that. If anyone nos what im talkin bout tell me

Since you have a generic no-name drive, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to make a working copy of any safedisc 2.51+ cd without using some form of emulation.

You can try alcohol with safedisc 2 settings (i.e. Bypass efm error checked), blindwrite with ews, clonecd with AWS or Cd-Mate with SAM.

Remember that in each case if you want to run the copy from a writer, you will need to use an atip hiding utility such as ccd’s hide cdr media or alcohol’s Ignore media type.

If none of these methods work (as is likely), you can try using emulation either using blindwrite with autoplay or clonecd with emulate weak sectors.

In the case of a blindwrite autoplay copy you will need to have either blindwrite or the autoplay filter installed for the copy to work. In the case of clonecd with emulated weak sectors, you will need to have clonecd installed with hide cdr media enabled for the copy to work.

Good luck.