I have no idea where to get a small missing part for my laptop mobo... please help. :(

OK, I hope someone can help me because I’m going f*cking mad. Earlier today I replaced a broken HDD in my laptop, I also took the chance to clean the insides. I detached the keyboard very carefully so that I could get to everything in it…

My laptop is a Dell XPS L502X. Even though I very carefully detached the keyboard cables from the laptop, the socket on the mobo for the cable that enables my keyboard to light up is missing the ‘latch’, so the cable won’t stay put, as illustrated here. This PC is my baby, it’s the most precious and expensive thing that I own and I love it to death and after going without a HDD for a few months and just running Ubuntu from a USB key I finally got a new, decent HDD to go in, it took 3 hours to take it apart and do everything to ensure that I didn’t get a scratch on it and now something’s gone wrong regardless of how careful I was and I’m so stressed that I can’t even sleep (it’s 3AM here). Insulation tape won’t cut it because the cable has to be pressed in to the socket with the latch and as silly as it sounds, I want it connected properly anyway because I’m ridiculously anal (and hate myself for it).

But where the hell do I find one of these tiny latches? Are they a standard size for various mobo connections or am I totally screwed because it’s specific to this model of laptop?

Any info or ideas gratefully received.


I really really badly need the latch from the keyboard light connector from this: [/B]http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/xpsL502X/en/sm/keyboard.htm

Can you show the pic of the actual broken connector on your board so we can see the actual problem? Worse come to worse you might have to get a new motherboard if there isn’t a way to fix the broken connector.