I have no idea what's happening

I have this problem with my computer that seems pretty serious to me.
First off, my computer will turn on, however it will always make a very annoying beeping/humming noise as it loads. Pressing the escape key makes it go away.
Then when I go to my username, I type my password and that’s when it goes all wrong. It logs me in, however no icons show up nor start button. Some really weird noises from my speakers come up too. Yet if I go on the guest account, everything works just fine. Maybe the odd pop-up.

I am really worried, my parent’s don’t know anything yet, and I want to fix the problem before they know.

You might want to run your anti-virus and an anti-malware program on the account that is acting strangely. Try starting in Safe Mode, hit F8 as you boot up.

Run the free version of MalwareBytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org/

If you don’t find any problems using your antivirus program and malwarebytes, see if there is a restore point for a time before this odd activity started.

problem is, I can’t even get on that account. I mean, I can, but no icons show up (Like my interenet icon, limewire, recyling bin and etc) and not even my start bar shows up.
I will try your advice however, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Safe Mode should come up usable, use the F8 key as Kerry56 suggested.

Redflag(s) to consider, limewire = asking for trouble(viruses)…Perhaps a re-format of your HDD will be your only option…

Sweet. thank you guys for all the help. My problem was fixed ust today :slight_smile:
can’t thank you guys enough.

[QUOTE=Shenza;2286283]Sweet. thank you guys for all the help. My problem was fixed ust today :slight_smile:
can’t thank you guys enough.[/QUOTE]

Can you share with us how? So others can know for future knowledge.


I bet the problem shows back up.It sounds like you stop the POST with the escape key.So the noise stops .
My first guess is RAM going bad.
Second Power supply.
Something the POST is testing is not working correctly & it probably didn’t just go away.