I have no idea what to do

Hello. Trying to burn a cd and it is software. However the packaged files are about a dozen .zip files… inside each zip file is a file something to the extent of filename.ro1, filename.nfo, file_idz.diz…
how can i burn these onto a cd or what do i do with these to create a working software program? Anybody have any idea on how to assemble or install this program that has come with so many incoherent files?

What is the program?

With the risk of helping on an illegal download, I would suggest that you open the *.nfo file in Notepad to see what instructions are included there.

Usually it helps to make a backup of the original you own…it will at least prolongue your stay at this forum :wink:

If the files are r01, r02 and so on, it’s likely to be a multi-file rar archive whose single files have been zipped as well. No idea why this was done, as compressing an already compressed file does nothing for the size, but you should unzip all the r## files in one directory, open up filename.r00 or filename.rar in winrar and uncompress the rar files as well. Then you take whatever’s come out of the rar file and either burn it to the disk like that or compress it in ONE file with 7zip.

If what’s in the rar files are MORE compressed files, I advise you seek out whoever’s given them to you and bash his head in with a shovel. Or just tie him to a chair and make him listen non-stop to four days of britney spears; with any luck, his head will explode on its own accord.