I have no idea what to buy for my BenQ 1655!

I’ve never had a burner before, but I ordered a retail BenQ 1655 last night. I’m totally lost when it comes to what kind of media I need or what to look for when shopping for it. Is there a guide or list or something I should reference? I’ll be doing videos and data backups.

You may get some indications here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=159020 (Just guessing)

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You can’t go wrong really if you stick to either Taiyo Yuden or MCC. Good distributors will tell you what the mid (media identity code) is.

Agree with zebadee.

So how about something like this?


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Media is great, one of the most if not most popular around. You’ll see a lot of excellent scans even @ 12x, around this forum.

Cool. So I want -Rs for data and +Rs for movies? +Rs for bitsetting? Am I understanding that right? I want to have the right media for movies and data, but if it doesn’t matter, then great. :slight_smile:

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I go for which ever is available/best deal. With bitsetting it doesn’t make a lot of difference. So +/- whichever.

Ok, cool. Does it matter if they come “taped” or “cakeboxed”? The ones I want (anything with a white top) all seem to come taped. I’m not a fan of discs with a silver top. :o

Doesn’t matter. Bitsetting makes or breaks compatibility for very few players. I favor +R, though. So does BenQ :wink:

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Taped (is misleading as its a fairly strong plastic)is quite sturdy, so although cakebbox may be slightly stronger. It not going to make a lot of difference.

Ok. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a quality issue. I can just throw some in the extra spindles I have laying around.

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That’s what I do. Cause once you open them, they’re free to go anywhere. :bigsmile:

Supermediastore.com has unbranded TY’s for $21.99/100 pk (4x DVD-R’s). Should I buy these? 4x seems to give the best quality for playback, at least with my experiences, so why should I pay for price difference for the 8x?

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