I have no idea what is going on

I don’t claim to know anything. The plextor tech-support guy told me to come here. So here I am. My roxio software is not reconizing the plextor. The computer itself is, but not roxio. Which is a problem because I am trying to make a seris of DVDs in DVD Builder.

Just maybe CDFreaks should start billing Plextor for referring people over here. :bigsmile:


Please provide more info about your systems hardware, OS, etc. In the meantime this could be a missing aspi driver: http://www.feurio.com/English/faq/faq_vocable_aspi.shtml

Edit: And please use a title that sums up your problem a bit better next time. It helps attracting knowledgable people… :cop:

Yeah, I would also make sure that you have the latest Roxio software installed. Otherwise, it probably doesn’t know your plex-drive.


By the way what drive you have installed?