I have no idea what I'm doing wrong

I got the movie HEAT in PAL. I’ve ripped it using dvdshrink, dvd decrypter and DVDFab. I’ve ripped both VIDEO_TS folders and in Image format. I’ve tried Maxell and Verbatim media at different speeds.

My dvd writer is a NEC 3520AW, my DVD player is a Pioneer DV-333.

What could be the issue?? :confused:

What progrm are you using to burn it with :confused:

We’ll be happy to try to help you, but you have to provide some details.
Did it rip ok?
Are you able to view the movie off the hdd?
Was the burn successful?, errors?, fails to play in player?, burner?
Application and settings?
…etc., etc.,…

I’ve used the DVDfab, dvdshrink, VSO CopytoDVD to burn. On all programs, I have set the program to remove the region codes or to set it to region 1 (which my DVD player is compatible with).

Btw, I forgot to state the problem I am having in the initial post. The DVD reads fine, except the picture (including intro,menu, whole dvd) rolls downwards like a slot machine. From my previous experience, this is an issue with Region.

Will your player play PAL?


It will not.

wait, is PAL and NTSC not that region 1,2,3,4,5 stuff?

Not really. PAL and NTSC are video formats, but DVDs almost always have a video format that corresponds to the broadcast TV standard for the disc’s region code. If you are in the USA, for instance, and trying to copy and play an out of region PAL disc, you can copy it successfully but will need a PAL-type player to watch it on a NTSC (USA) TV. There are hardware and software solutions for converting between formats, and standalone DVD players that can play both NTSC and PAL.

And to add to above responses, What are you burning with? Nero, IMGBurn, what SW? Shrink and Fab are rippers and don’t burn…

I bought a $49.99 shipped plaver for that reason because that is easiest way to watch PAL.


Mack–Is that the one you posted a month or so ago? How does it work?

I’ve never purchased from this site, but just to give you an idea…a place to start…They have players that are region-free and have built-in PAL <—> NTSC converters.

Yes works great, book says it has hard time with some burnt DVDs but the ones that I burnt in full disc mode work. I’ll do some more experimenting. Back of player marked region 1, but is has been hacked or wrong sticker put on it because all players sold in US have to be RC 1. My guess is the stickers were changed, but research shows that it can be made region free by entering certain numbers with the remote.

Spent almost 14 bucks for a region 2 PAL DVD to test it out.


thanks for the responses guys.

I realized the problem is not the DVD, it’s the dvd player. My DVD player simply does not support PAL, but I have another ($25) dvd player which does and hte DVD works fine.

Bought mine here:



Forgive my ignorance… I was under the assumption that if you had a component that is one type of system, whether it be PAL or NTSC, don’t all of the components have to match? In other words, I didn’t think that a PAL player would work with an NTSC display device (TV or monitor).

The player has a chip that converts PAL to play on a NTSC, some work vice
verso. PAL on a 16.9 NTSC appears as a 14.9


So, you get it ripped to the drive and cant burn it? Or you cant rip at all? Are you using a DVD-rom to rip it? Some DVDs cant be archived from a burner. Its another type of copy protection. If you just cant burn it i dont have a clue