I have no Idea what I did but I know its not good. Please help a NOOB

ummm I have a NEC 2500A dvd burner. I downloaded DVDSanta today and when I went to make the dvd it didnt like the disk that I had in the burner. These arnt my usuall disks as they dont burn very well and I wasnt willing to test it on one of my regular disk. So anyhoo i did abit of looking around and found a firmware update.
i tried to use it but there was a flashing error and nothing happened so I rebooted the PC and tried again. It had the same error and a option buton of power down or something came up so I clicked it. the computer went to shut down and got as far as the “windows is shuting down” page. The light on the burner kept flashing and the PC stayed on that screen while it flashes away for about 20 minutes till I turned the PC off.

I just did a test burn and it seems to have worked. but when you put a blank dvd in the drive on the my computer page the PC thinks the drive is a CD drive and not a DVD drive.

Please help me

Thanks in advance

That’s nothing you have to worry about, it is just a “bug” feature in windows…

IT MATTERS what burning apps give & let you do.