I have no idea how to burn this file to a VCD

OK this is really odd. The file I am trying to get to VCD, when opening it with windows media player has video, but no audio. I don’t know if this is some sort of codec issue or something. It does however play both audio and video with quicktime player. When I get the file properties of it it says its a .mpg file.

When I try to get it to VCD through nero, it stops me when I try to drag it to the files I want to add, the error being

cannot add xxxxx,mpg
reason: the file xxx.mpg is invalid - need mpeg-1 which was encoded for video-cd:
audio 44.1 khz; stereo 224 kbits/s

the following problems were found
-stream enocoding which is invalid for a video cd
-no video
-no audio

if someone could help that would great, thanks :slight_smile:

If it’s not a compliant VCD, Nero will give you these messages.
It may be an SVCD, or non-standard DVD…in other words, an mpeg is not always an mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 compliant video.
Try again, using Nero’s SVCD template.
If that gives the same (or similar) errors, you may have to re-encode it, or at least change the header to “fool” Nero into thinking it’s a compliant (S)VCD.

It could be a .dat file renamed to .mpg. Thats happened to me before and the way i fixed it was to use vcdeasy (older versions are free) or vcdgear to convert the file to a compliant .mpg

Hi Captainshiner,

My guess would be it is a mis-named Mpg file( i.e. not true mpg just named .mpg,) so what i would suggest is that you use something called avicodec(freeware) and check the actual file codec.

Hope this helps.