I have newly installed xp home and now my dvd r and rw are listed as scsi...there not

I do hope that someone will be able to help me with this problem :doh:
I have just installed xp home for the first time… nothing else has been changed on my computer…and my hardware lists show my hard-drive an hitachi deskstar 167 gig. as scsi also my dvd-r and dvd-rw both lite-on as scsi…there not and never have been…the problem is I cant write to the dvd’s with nero or clone dvd I keep getting error messages…I spent 40 minutes on the phone to microsoft and all they said is that itwas not a windows fault but a software problem…being an oap I cannot afford these long expensive phone calls…it wouldnt have been too bad if they had got a solution… :sad:
I have installed all the discs I had in the computer before and for the last 18 months I have had no problems with these drives…until I installed xp…have I wasted my money on this operating system and do I have to uninstal it to get my drives to work ok or what…I have never had this problem before…what have I done wrong…as anyone else had this problem… :frowning:

Install Microsoft native driver’s for your mainboards native ide controller.

Be sure to place optical devices to mainboard idecontroller. Beware of extra connectors, that belong to onboard raidcontroller.

Have you hooked your disc/optical devices to a raid controller.

Raidcontroller show as scsi in devicemanager.

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BTW, what is the media (specific)?

I Am Sorry About 2 Postings I Am New To This I Was Not Sure That My Question Would Be Read By The Correct People So I Asked It In 2 Sections…my Appologies…
I Am Writting To Datawrite Dvd-r And Trying To Burn A Copy Of A Movie I Have Previously Burnt On My Old System…i Havent Changed My Disc’s Either…everything Is The Same Apart From The Os…

What’s your system spec.

What OS did you use before.

biostar motherboard.m7ncd pro …amd xp3200+ chip lite-on dvd rom and dvd r/rw…hitachi deskstar 167 gig hard drive 7200…1.200gig ddr/3200 memory… ati radion graphics card… floppy drive …non of the above has been changed the last os was win 2000 pro

Datawrite -r, but which one?

Rated speed, mediacode, colour…

www.videohelp.com lists them probably too with comments.

Ok, let’s sort this out:

  1. this seems to be a classic problem.

  2. you WILL get help

  3. sit back and relax :wink:

Your motherboard is based on the Nforce2 chipset.

When you installed the drivers given with the mobo, you WERE asked at some point if you wanted to install the “SW IDE” drivers I’m pretty sure. maybe you don’t remember, anyway, this installs the Nvidia drivers instead of the native XP ones.

Some reported better HDD performance with such drivers, some had HORRIBLE messes such as even impossible windows booting (I had this). With the old versions… And the most current problem was a COMPLETE MESS with CD & DVD burning, such as you’re experimenting ; classic stuff, we’ll solve this :stuck_out_tongue:

The current MODERN versions of these drivers (such as 5.10) show MUCH LESS trouble, and usually work well.

But lots of people will tell you NEVER EVER install those Nvidia drivers.

I have 2 possible solutions to solve this:

  1. try installing the latest Nvidia 5.10 drivers over the ones you have and try simulating a burn to see what happens. It will probably be Ok.

  2. if you don’t want to try this, or it doesn’t work,then you’ll want to get rid of these drivers, the solution is SIMPLE: Just go to the peripherals listing,and UNINSTALL THOSE “so called” SCSI drivers for both IDE channels . Reboot, and when asked, go and choose SPECIFICLY the “microsoft IDE drivers” (something like that). That will revert back to STANDARD, just a bit less efficient but STABLE WORKING drivers.

:cool: :flower:

Datawrite Yellow 4x 4.7gig General Purpose Dvd-r

Hello Zilog
Yes When I Installed The Nvidia Drivers I Was Asked If I Wanted To Installthe Sw Ide Drivers… I Dont Think I Have Ever Been Asked This Befor …i Clicked Ok… I Remember It As It Had Never Come Up On The Install Of The Old Os …i Will Try The Nvidia 5.10 Driversand See What Happens…opps Sorry This In Capitals Im Not Shouting Honestly…

Just tell us how things go with these freshly installed 5.10 drivers? You should be able to say if matters are running smoothly quickly enough I think, no?

If not, no hesitation, uninstall & reinstall Micr$oft drivers : there is even a simpler methode than the one I described:

  1. peripherals listing
  2. “update driver” (on each of the IDE ports of course)
  3. NO AUTOMATIC (choose 2nd option), and then CHOOSE the driver “myself”. And use the Microsoft one. And voila :flower:

Ihave down loadeds the 5.10 drivers and installed them and the problem is still existing so I left it for last night and went to bed to start fresh again today…i did uninstall drivers and let microsoft install them on its own and they are still comming up scsi so i am going to try the “update driver” option you suggest thanks for the continued suggestions best wishes :confused:

If you are REALLY are using the microsoft drivers, it is IMPOSSIBLE that these drivers are named as “SCSI”. Those are still the nvidia ones :confused:

Could we have a screenshot please?

And remember to MANUALLY select MS drivers, don’t ever let the computer choose the “best” for you.

Sucess Sucess Sucess …Have Totally Uninstalled Anything Nvidia And Rebooted And Up Came New Hardware Found All Ide…I Then Said I Didnt Have A Disc And The Computer Installed The Microsoft Drivers And Now both The Drives Are Listed As Ide Dvd R/rw And Dvd R …Not A Sight Of The Word Scsi To Be Found …thank You So Very Much Your An Angel…I Was At The Stage Of Uninstalling Xp For Good…and No One Came Backwith any suggestions From The Xp Newsgroups Site I Also Listed It On Not One Person…thank You Again Best Wishes

aaah, it’s always a pleasure to help, but I’d like to emphasize that this is a VERY CLASSIC problem/solution with Nvidia Nforce2 drivers, and in my opinion, the MS support phone-service SHOULD “have known better”. We’re not dealing with a marginal issue by a small manufacturer etc…

Anyway, glad to see you “burning” again :bigsmile:

PS: do not that jbv had given you the solution since 2nd post, I just detailed the procedure :rolleyes:

Yep, nice solution. I’ve never used the nForce drivers for IDE too - saved me some trouble. :wink:


Thank you for detailing the proceedure … I did not undersatnd the 2nd post…but I am femail and an oap…in my 60’s and not at all technical :confused: and I did say I was new to this … only got into computers to keep up with the grandchildren but there very adictive…
I usually install a program and perhaps I have been very lucky but I usually have no problems…it took me 3 days of searching the web with google to find this site…and I am so glad I did :clap: …your a smashing helpful bunch of fella’s… :clap: my thanks to you all again…have a good christmas :bigsmile: :kiss: