I have Nero and when I choose to burn a DVD it only gives me

choice of speed upto 8X Even if I put 4X media in the drive it will still allow me to choose 8X. But my drive is 16X and even if I have no media in the drive it still offers uptp 8X speed.

Whats the problem shouldn’t NERO allow up to 16X speed?

Not if you don’t have 16x media, no.

how come it allows 8X even with no DVD inserted. So you’re saying if I insert a 16X dvd it will give me the option to burn at 12x, 16X?

indeed that doesnt sound right you should see all the available speeds while no media is inserted the problem is likely dma related see this guide http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616
also some recent dvd burners are ata66/udma4 and must be connected with an 80wire ide cable for working at full speed whats your dvd burner? anyway regardless from my experience 80wires cable nearly always improve the burn quality

edit also check udma settings in bios make sure its all set to auto

Mine only shows 1x,2x,2.4x with no disc inserted. I guess it’s just the way any particular burner behaves.

Yes, with higher speed media faster options will be available to you. However, don’t assume that a 16x burner will be able to burn all 16x media at 16x. NEC in particular are very conservative in this respect & might only give the option of , say, 12x for a particular media. Others, in my case a Benq 1620 will allow 16x on 8x rated Yuden t02 media.

Yep, Tim’s right. I have no idea what kind of drive you have, but they’re all different. The 4x media you have could also be a high quality kind like TYG01 or MCC 002, which can be done at 8x in a good number of writers

Oh, and don’t worry about the DMA stuff phil mentioned. That’s only if your buffer fluxuates like crazy when you burn. Nothing to do with selectable speeds.

There isnt any problem with your drive. The manufacturer gave to the drive the capability to choose for safety the right speed to write on media. If the media is good quality then you could wrote it on 16x.