I have NEC 4551A. which firmware is the best?

hello :slight_smile:

i have a NEC 4551A burner. (it was a 3550A if it matters but i turn it into a 4551A … there is a way to do this… i guess you know it and how to do this :wink: )

anyway, i want to know what is the best firmware that i can use with this drive :slight_smile:
i dont care if it is a NEC’s official firmware or not… i just want the best :cool:

there is no problem that my drive was in the past a 3550A… right?

now i use the "Liggy’s ND4551 Bitsetting Firmware 1-08 " and i wanna know if there r a better firmware…

in the page of 4551A (http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/4550/) there are a lot of firmwares and i dont know what to choose… :rolleyes:

TNX a lot for your help ! :flower:

Flash to 4550 and go for 1.F3, it’s the one with the newest strategies. I had awesome results with it.

there is no good firmware for a 4551A ?

Try 1-85 then.

isn’t 1-X3 the latest (modded) firmware for the 4551?

No. The 1F3 had newer strategies.

I would not risk crossflashing my drive again (to a 4550) just for one firmware. Wait for a new firmware for the 4551 that has the newer strategies.

I have done crossflashing back to 4550A with MadDog 1.F3 Firmware

And I can’t say it is rather better than 1.08

I just discovered that there’s an official 1.09 firmware for the NEC ND-4551A available from the Sony NEC Optiarc site:

Latest downloads for SONY NEC Optiarc ND Series

I haven’t tried it (no DVD+R bitsetting!) so I can’t comment on whether it improves anything.

Rest assured that DVD+R bitsetting will be available sooner or later. Needs to be finished before I can flash my own drive :wink:

RPC1 patches for this and other firmwares are already finished except for some checksums.

Looking forward to it. :flower: