I have .mds and .iso files, can I burn as DVD5?

I hope this is the correct forum, still new here :slight_smile: I did search, but couldn’t find the info I need, so… I have .mds and .iso files to burn as a DL disk, I don’t have any DL media, what I have been doing is using CloneDVD2 to put the movie on 2 disks, is it possible to do that with these files? The missing link seems to be a program that will recognize the .mds and allow me to either convert to .vob or burn that image onto 2 disks. CloneDVD2 wil not (as far as I can tell) allow me to do this. Thanks!

Just a curiosity: is your HDD formatted in FAT32?

Nope, all NTFS. I am thinking I can just extract the files (seems like 7-zip will do this), and then used CloneDVD2 to split and burn. Will that work? Thanks for the quick reply! :cool:

I don’t know if clonedvd is able to read ISO files, but dvd shrink is able to read them. Try dvd shrink to do the splitting

Yes you can, you really don’t need the mds file. Reopen via the iso file. Use DvD Shrink.

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Thanks for all the replies! Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I’m already able to open the files in CloneDVD2, it just won’t split the movie onto 2 disks (REALLY need some DL media :iagree: ) when I use the “write existing data” option (open udf/iso images).
7-zip extracted the videos files form the .iso, and it looks like CloneDVD2 will be able to split the move onto 2 disks now, cool!!

Cool :bigsmile:

hi, it looks like you got it sorted, but in case anyone else stumbles across this thread, there’s an easier way.

mount the iso on a virtual drive then use clonedvd2 as if you were accessing a regular dvd in your dvd drive. you could then set it to DVD+/-DL mode and do your trimming as necessary to split to 2 discs…just work with clonedvd2 off of the “disc” in the virtual drive :slight_smile:

Reasonsnotrules: any suggestions for a prog. to do that with?

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1491290&postcount=2 :bigsmile:

I already have Nero Image drive, thanks for the tip!