I have just registered and .. thanks!

Hi. First of all: thanks because I have a brand new DVD reader and your wonderful guide “How to backup your DVD to VCD” taught me lot of useful infos (ripping, VCD saving).
I just have some comments, that maybe can upgrade your wonderful guide:
I backupped the DVD “Victor Victoria” (not so old) and I didn’t manage to extract the audio in the way you did. That is, making “Demix all tracks” on DVD2AVI it extracted only AC3 tracks, not MPA tracks. And only an english DD sound track was present, therefore I could select “Decode to WAV” only if I wanted an English VCD.
If I wanted a French (or Spanish, German, Italian…) VCD I had to choose, in DVD2AVI, “Demix all tracks” and I had to convert the resulting AC3 audio trace to “MP2 for SVCD” with BeSweet (again thanks, cdfreaks!).
After that, I can use the non-english MP2 audio trace as “audio input” of TMGPenc. Tharefore, and I had to guess it, it seems that one can make a VCD in all languages only converting AC3 --> MP2 with BeSweet, and this is a good add-on to your guide, I think.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I noticed (maybe I did something wrong in the use of DVD2AVI) that, choosing “Save AVI” with DVD2AVI, I can make a decent (DivX, Xvid) movie, but the movie has no sound. Therefore I can either keep the MP2 trace as backup or add the MP2 to the AVI with VirtualdubMod (again thanks, cdfreaks!), but by losing a little quality due to AVI re-compression. Did I do something wrong using DVD2AVI? Is there a better way to make a AVI (because this way I’m forced to make a 720x480(576) AVI), with sound, too?.

  2. Since I cannot install any software (I’m not an administrator of my PC with WinXP and DVD2SVCD needs to be installed), which are the correct settings to make a SVCD with TMPGenc Plus?


Sure is a delight to know someone reads the Tutorials prepared with great effort By ChickenMan. Now for your questions.:

  1. DVD2AVI only produces an elementary video stream(no audio) as output and as you rightly mentioned the elementary audio stream is produced by BeSweet. These are then muxed(combined) together to form the Program stream(video+audio) by BBMpeg. What DVD2SVCD does is to automate all these processes in order to form the output with very less manual control(automation).

  2. In Tmpgenc you can enable the wizard. In the wizard(once enabled) there is a setting for SVCD(you can select PAL OR NTSC depending on your source file) and TMPenc will produce the output automatically after a few hours/mins depending on the size. This output can be used in Nero(OR IN MY OPINION VCDEASY IS THE BEST FOR CREATING VCD’S AND SVCD’S[NOT DVD’S]) to make the final CD.

Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you. Alas, I installed VCDEasy when I had the admin account on my PC but now that I don’t have it no more. VCDEasy doesn’t work (it requires that privileges always when running, alas). I have to stick with VCDGear (good, but no chapters) now.

I hope my add-on can work for some people who want a non-english DVD rip.