I have just discovered

After reading posts that my new burner, an LG 8240B, It became clear that it will not copy certain versions of safedisc2! This after I made a specific point of checking the clone cd website list of supported burners.
My questions are:
Is this information true or not?
Will this burner copy safedisc2 or not?
Why just this model and not the 16x or the 32x?
And does the fw version matter?
Mine came with fw1.07. Needless to say i was discouraged after reading other posts saying the info given by elby was incorrect!

One thing I noticed after I made a backup copy of The Sims: Hot Date. It works perfectly in my Afreey 2050 cdrom! But to run it n my burner I need to check “Hide CDR media” and it works like this. Why is this? Yes a lot of questions but I know I am in the right forum to ask them.

With the LG writers is ‘hit & miss’ basically. Some users report it works fine and some report it doesn’t. That’s why the information at the Elby website was removed to prevent people from reading information that might be wrong. If you did succeed in making a working back-up then you can be happy. The ‘Hide CDR Media’ option cannot be prevented when playing from a CD-Writer. This is because of the ATIP protection. Not CloneCD’s fault… If you want to read more on this then check out the links in my signature.