I have just bought Samsung Sh-S222A

I have just bought Samsung Sh-S222A.My main decision cause was,tests done by a user here.His writing test results were very good. I don’t do scans with dvd writers,and probably will not do it with this dvd-writer too.Because I just like dreaming that it writes very good to every disc,I don’t want to be obsessed by the writing quality…I have many obsessions,I don’t want to add this to my obsessions:)

This dvd-rw is the first hardware that I connected by myself.I was thinking that I would call a computer professional to do this,but I today I understood that making the connections was not that difficult:)
Years ago I had opened the computer case for connecting a new dvd-reader,although I touched only a few parts of the old dvd-reader in the case,the graphics card got corrupt.After a few monhs or years,I learnt that most probably the cause was static electric of my body and I was not aware of what that was when I had opened the computer case…

Today,although I didn’t intend to do a cd error correction,I actually did with the first media put into device.I would never put a dirty cd into a brand new dvd-rw,but I today found an old pc game magazine and took off the cd from it and put it directly into dvd-rw without looking at cd’s back.

There was a video on the disc,I run it and at about 15th minute(or a bit later) iit couldn’t be able to read the remaining parts.I got shocked,because I was thinking that cd had no dirt/scratches but then I ejected the cd from dvd-rw and when I looked at it it had some dirt and also scratches.But still it’s failing to read the video’s remaining part made me a bit unhappy.

I put the same cd into Lg H62N dvd-writer,played the same video,and it couldn’t even reach to 15th minute,it could play the video only for a few minutes…So seems like this new Samsung Sh-s222a is better at cd error correction than my Lg-H62n(Before I bought this Lg,I had seen an expert review about it’s error correction,and it was said in the review that it’s error correction was not good.I had thought “maybe it’s real world performance is better than in this review” but then I saw that the review was right about that.

I wish I love this Toshiba-Samsung Storage dvd-rw.I bought it mainly to be partner with my Lg H62N for finalizing unfinalized dvds created with my standalone dvd-recorder(for Tv).I have dvds over 1000(maybe even 10000) and all of them are Tv recordings(ok I said that I have obsessions in the first part of my post,do you remember?Rercording the Tv programs I like is an obsession of me and I am not able to stop it,when I forget recording a tv programme I like I get too much sad:sad:)

Wish me luck with this dvd-rw:)

I have burnt a 16x Verbatim at 16x write speed and it is readable by both Samsung and Lg dvd-rws.It’s a good sign I think it didn’t make a coaster at least:)

I am very excited,I think you all know that feeling ,the feeling you feel when you buy a new optical drive:)