I have just been ripped off?



first let me say hallo this is my first visit.i posted this on raybiez crack forum and another member recomended that i come here-he suggested safe disk anyway what do you think?
hi, this is probably my own fault but any suggestions will be helpful
i am trying to turn cornish tales into stories using 3dmax for braodcast on the web. i was contacted by a person who wanted help for something similar and i sent them a cd containg some of my work in progress stipulating that i did not want it reproduced particularly as the charcters still required more work-anyway i now find that the cd is being sold- now i am not in this for profit and when finished if people want to use the content fine, but i do object to this.
i still want to be able to help others if they ask.i am using autoplay studio is there a way of stopping people copying the disk untill i am ready?
many thanks


unfortunately not with Clone cd and Nero burn around

i think youre out of luck


safedisk is not possible. its only possible for
mechanical duplication and is very much $$$ in license

the only chance you have is to protect your exe, there
are some exe protecting programs outthere which
can lock your exe after a peroid of time or executions.
The only way to use this exe anymore is to recieve
an unlock key from you via email.

i know a program called visual protect, this should do the job.