I have flashed my burner a while back and it wont work correctly can anybody help me fix it?

I have a ATAPI iHAS220 6 ATA Burner in July 2011 I thought it would burn DVD’s better if I had flashed it so I did it once and everything was fine but I later noticed using Sony or possibly a different brand of discs weren’t burning correctly and I believe I flashed it to prob wrong update for the drive and I then noticed it would recogonize a blank DVD disc and I’d go to burn it and it even looked like the data/video or whatever was burned to the disc except when I loaded it into another DVD burner I had previously it said the disc was blank. I also noticed previously burned discs DVDs wont read in the burner now is there anyway I can fix this at all? If so would anyone be able to help if not I have thought of replacing it with a Blu Ray Burner but if I can fix it for the time being I would like too

It is unlikely you flashed it with the wrong firmware. Lite-on’s flashers are pretty good about avoiding that. You can download a firmware from here and try again.

If it worked OK for a little while after you flashed it, it sounds more likely that the drive is just going bad.