I have entirlly too much media!

I was sitting at my computer watching scrubs and noticed this yellow bag in the corner. Turned out to be a 25 pack of verbatium 16x media in a best buy bag (score). Don’t remember buying it (aparentlly about a month ago acording to the reciept). Didn’t need it, didn’t miss it, thier are stacks of spindles (including some other ver. 16x). So now what do I do with it? Stick it on the shelf with all the other stacks of media. I know thier are look how much media I have threads but I was drunk (or starting to get thier anyway), bored and suprized by the media so I’ll post another one.

i’m in the same boat ripit.I’ve got so much blank media it’s sad.I dread looking in the sunday papers for sales cause I know I’ll probably get more.

You have done it!!! I have to kill you… You are a bad influence on me… Oh… wait, I’m the bad influence…jitter (buy more, jitter…jitter)KABOOOOOMMMMM
I bet you thought I exploded, huh. Its a good thing you are “here”, instread of the US, then you might really be in trouble(cause I’m a bad influence)!!!


best buy is a bad place ain’t it?


I wouldn’t know, I havent been thier in years (aparentlly about a month ago acording to the reciept). (dont tell my wife!!!)…

I’ve only got 3 spindles of blanks - one TDK gold CD-R, one TDK inkjet printable 8x DVD-R, and one TDK 8x DVD-R (grey top) - on my shelf.

Aww… I’m running low :frowning: Down to my last ten :sad:

I’ve got so much data! I even stopped burning everything on CD… All these CD-r’s take me hours to find something, It’s often faster to download it again from the net!

Total madness…

Too much media? Wtf?

Last count about 10mins ago … I have approx
100 OEM TYG01 (4x)
25 That’s branded TYG01 (4x)
140 TYG02 (8x)
20 TY02 (8x)
5 MCC02 (4x)
1 MCC01 (2.4x)
1 x MCC dual layer (2.4x)
20 CMC???
+80ish Verbatim/MCC CDR 52x
+30ish TY CDR
+8 Vinyl CDR (MCC))
+8 Samsung Silvers (princo)
+6 unmanufacturered 90min CDR’s
+1 MCC 8x CDR … holy crap Metal Azo!

/me wonders whether I should frame the metal azo disc …

@ripit, Nozmartz and debro you can send all your surplus media to me … I never have too much media. :bigsmile:

i think im doin ok for now…stop the madness :wink:

there’s a printer there somewhere…

hehe :bigsmile:

I was 'bout to say there was no such thing as having too much media…then I saw drpino’s collection. Holy crap!!! That’s a really good start…now I have something to aspire to. :slight_smile:

no more media for a while for me…time to play with the new DV converter and use up some of those TYs for my VHS collection :slight_smile:

If any1 got too much TY or TDK MIJ or TDK Made In USA 4x,8x,16x,24x or 32x CD-Rs I could use them…
Just bought an oldie drive which hates my 48x TY and 52x Ritek Grade A certified Blanks.
So if any1 has too much of these left feel free and send em too me. I’ll take em all. lol

You can never have too much media!

ran outta Yuden 002’s a while back but these make up fer it.

@drpino - I won’t be greedy. I’ll take the two tubs of CMC Magnetics E01’s off your hands as well as that tub of MCC 02RG20’s. :wink: My NEC ND2500A just loves that stuff! LOL. You can definitely keep the Taiyo Yuden’s. :wink:

Let’s see. Sitting here I have about 60ish or so TYG02’s (Value TY) that I’m going to use for my girlfriend when she wants something.

Otherwise, I have:

55 4x DVD+R CMC Mag F01’s (4x) (Philip’s Branded)
110 Ridata 4x DVD+R’s RicohJPNR01’s
And about 30ish or so MCC 02RG20’s on the way.

I just ordered 200 more Prodisc 8x DVD-R’s with the Silver Matte finish from Rima.com just recently so they are still on the way. That is where I got my MCC 02RG20’s media codes from. They burn wonderfully in the 2500A so that is why I decided to get more. :slight_smile:

all my media works very well at a minimum of 8X including the CMCs and when i want to get something burned right quick doesn’t hurt to have some 16X around. i just picked up the 02RG20s last week, still playing with those so hands off.

guess im just sparing my 9 RICOHJPN R01s for the sake of diversity :wink:

hehehe, It’ll definitely be a sad day when we can no longer buy RicohJPN R01’s. :wink: How the 02RG20’s burn off in your Plextors? My BenQ DW1620A was mediocre with them at 8x or 12x but with the NEC ND2500A at 8x the burns look wonderful. :bigsmile: