I have created a MAGIC DVD!

so i backed up star wars episode 4, star wars episode 2, and the bourne identity (among others) to my hard drive.

then i burned episode 4 to DVD. JUST episode 4.

while watching it, i got to the scene where they’re on the ship and obiwan is teaching luke to use the force, against a little flying blaster droid.

a few seconds later, the scene changed… to a scene from star wars: episode 2. what the hell!

and a little while after that, it changed to the bourne identity!


how did this happen? have i created a magical DVD?

Thats hard to believe, are you sure, you didnt rip them to the same folder when you ripped them, thats all I could think of that it could be. :iagree:

LOL. Do you Defrag? If so when did you last Defrag? Do you use any third party Defragging tools? What software did you burn with?

i can understand how you feel, but i swear to you, its absolutely true. i will attempt to record a video of it playing on my standalone, but i only have some polaroid digital camera (which is supposed to also be able to record MPEG 2, but i’ve never used it, and it will likely not work since ive had driver troubles with it before). so bear with me for the moment.

and no, i didnt rip them to the same folder or any crap like that

and you wont believe this. today i played some of the .VOB files from the A New Hope VIDEO_TS folder, and in some places, they were my rammstein live DVD! this is very strange.

could this really be a defragging problem? or maybe hard drive corruption. shortly after that, i rebooted, and windows told me i had to repair.

if i’m the only person with this problem, maybe i should burn more of them and sell them to a museum or something,.

lol, nice typo

Nice typo indeed…This is the among some of the craziest $hit Ive ever heard, if all else fails, I would recommend a young priest and and old priest. LOL

i got the camera working, it was easier than i thought it would be. (i didnt need drivers or software)

the video is 3.84mb where should i host it?

Do a lil surfin’ for free webhosting, 1asphost might be able to help you, you will have to make sure that their maximum file size (not storage space) is at least 4-5mb since youre file is 3.84mb, once you get it uploaded post the link.

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Hahaha yes do do have a very strange prob :bigsmile:


:smiley: Allthough this really seems to be a magic DVD :D, I really do understand that your pissed somehow. Anyway, only thing I can think of, is that you ripped files to a folder which already contained dvd data (which is unlikely, cos the program would have told you) or you really have a defrag problem…But I am sure it is anything else, nobody has been thinking of so far…really strange!

yeah, i think its either hard drive corruption, or a severe defragging problem. because here’s the thing. star wars episode 4 was in VIDEO_TS format, and bourne identity was an ISO. and i think attack of the clones was an ISO too.

since when the guy(bourn) played in star war???
ah ah ah ah ah…sorry. I can’t stop!:slight_smile:

I would suggest selling this DVD at e-bay:
“Pay ONE, get THREE. Special Prize” :lol:


can someone help me?

Backup what data you can, reformat & reinstall windows…That should work!

Never had that problem with video (to my knowledge, but I don’t always watch all of everything I burn) but I did encounter that with mp3’s. Rocking to a nice Korn song and all of a sudden it turns into Avril Lavigne. Ack! Computer hick-up, I guess. What file system and OS are you using? I wouldn’t be convinced of a defrag problem, because I’ve at times filled 98% of my 200, 250 & 300 GB hard disks with dvd’s and still been able to process them out just fine. Of course, my temp files go on yet another disk, which I try to keep below 50% and usually is below 10%. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a second drive if you’ve only got one … that way your system doesn’t have to erase any of the source to make room for the output file in the middle of processing.


What program did you rip this with?

There are some rippers (depending on settings) which will not warn you if a foler you are ripping to already has files in it. DVDDecrypter can do this, depending on settings. THEN, if that folder had 14 .VOBS, and the new DVD only has 11 VOBS, you could easily end up with parts of one film, which would then shift to parts of an older rip.

DVDShrink does NOT do this. It warns you if it detects files, and then wants to automatically erase the entire folder.

So, I repeat… What program did you rip this with?

NVE3 can do this Magic DVD thang. When you “import video” for what ever reason it can pull in .vob files that it previously imported, even if they are in different folders (and mine always are). I don’t know why this happens to me, but it happens. I manually delete them from the project, leaving just the .vob files I want. The only cure for me so far is to completely delete the other .vob files from my hard drive before starting a new project in NVE.

I once burned a Magic DVD when I didn’t do any editing or menu making in NVE after importing .vob files and just went straight transcoding and burning.

It was interesting, but not that interesting.